Contract for cooperation signed between FOx Biosystems and Unitron Group
21th of February- Health care event – IMEC Leuven

During the economic visit from Mr. Guido Landheer, Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade, FOx Biosystems and Unitron have underlined their long term relationship by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.
The event has taken place in the innovative surrounding of IMEC in Leuven. The cooperation between FOx Biosystems and Unitron was an example of good entrepreneurship between Belgium and the Netherlands.
FOx Biosystems and Unitron have worked together since 2015 and together they realised the “White FOx 1.0” instrument.
The development van the instrument is achieved in cooperation with the Belgium company Comate. There for their representative Sander van den Dries was also present during the ceremony.
FOx Biosystems is active on the bio pharmaceutical market. They sell instruments and consumer goods for the R&D, development and production monitoring to Bio pharmacy companies and knowledge institutes.
The White FOx 1.0 instrument can track and characterize certain material: A gold surface based fiber-optic probe is covered with bio receptors that can merge with target molecules. This instrument can improve the lead time regarding the development of medicine.

This contract that intents a long term relationship between the companies give opportunities to optimize, intensify and invest in the further cooperation.



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