Unitron participates in the development of a humidifier

Development prototype of a new type of Humidifier

Unitron participates in the development of a humidifier


The activities mentioned below are made possible by the European Union. Unitron and the project partners receive a subsidy for these activities from the operational program (OP) ERDF East Netherlands.

Development prototype

Air mixtures that are used for ventilation of patients in the hospital are typically dry and need to be humidified to prevent damage to the lungs. Current clinical practice often makes use of active humidifiers to this end. Medspray has developed a proof of concept setup of an active, absolute humidifier based on their patented nozzle technology. Test results show very positive results. In this project, a consortium of companies Medspray, PCV and Unitron aims to develop a prototype humidifier based on the current proof of concept. The prototype active humidifier will be able to accurately control absolute humidity and temperature of respirable gases while minimizing or eliminating condensation in the breathing circuit. The prototype will also allow for more efficient medication delivery to ventilated patients by temporarily reducing the humidity in the circuit.

The operational program (OP) ERDF East Netherlands is a joint subsidy program of the provinces of Overijsel and Gelderland and works to structurally strengthen the economy. The goal is for more Eastern Dutch companies to generate more turnover from new products.

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