We develop and manufacture life-science products that matter, from concept to realisation

Our customers are global players who like to challenge the healthcare status quo. As an innovative development and production partner partner, we take their products to the next phase.

We can take care of the entire production process or offer advice on particular aspects. We’re raising the bar every day. Together, we’re achieving breakthroughs in the areas of technology, quality and cost efficiency.

You can contact us for support in a variety of different areas. Product development, regulation and certification, design transfer, production and service. Do you have a design that needs to be certified? Or would you like to outsource the entire production process? We are a highly committed partner and do everything we can to ensure the optimal result.

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Efficient and market-oriented production

Unitron transforms good ideas into successful medical innovations. Depending on what is needed, we can offer support throughout the production process. Fully or partially. And always with a focus on quality, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Product Development

With a Proof of Concept, we look at whether realisation is feasible and, if necessary, where we can innovate and adapt it.

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Regulation and Certification

As experts in the field of technical documentation, life cycle management and product certification, we can guarantee that your product meets all the requirements.

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Design Transfer

We pay a lot of attention to this important step. This allows us to guarantee a smooth and stable production process.

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We work on the principle of maximum flexibility and minimal use of resources. Each year, we produce more than 250 different products, varying from one-off items to mass production articles.

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Direct shipping, logistics, calibration, maintenance, repairs and more. For each product, we aim for the longest possible service life and the highest possible quality.

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High-tech instruments

Doctors need high-tech instruments to help patients both efficiently and effectively. That’s why we provide optimal support  for research, cure and care. We develop and produce medical products of great significance based on the latest technology.

We work in the following areas: anesthesia and respiration, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, patient monitoring, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, urology, wound management, infection control, blood – and fluid management, surgical devices and Pharma- and Biotechnology. Our products can vary from wearable’s, hand-held devices, table top to mid size medical integrated systems. We focus on Medical Devices incl. accessories, IV Devices and Laboratory Electronic Equipment.

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