Together we build medical products that matter

We believe in healthcare in which patients feel safe and supported. In which they are provided with the greatest possible care thanks to the very best technology. We have been working hard to achieve this for more than 30 years.

With more than 60 professionals, we work on high-end life-science products that everyone can depend on. We do this as a sustainable partner for several major players in the medical field. Together with them, we strive for the best possible care experience.

1988 Established

Privately Owned

60 FTE

+250 Products

ISO 7 Cleanroom

CE / UL Products

The entire production process

We offer our customers a high-quality service package. Depending on what is required, we can offer support throughout the production process. Fully or partially. From testing the feasibility of a concept, to developing a prototype. We are a highly committed partner and do everything in our power to deliver valuable innovations.

Partner of global players

Every year, we produce more than 250 different products. This makes us a partner for the well-established medical community, but also for start-ups in the research-, cure- and care market. With our proven track record, we offer opportunities to take life-science applications to the next stage within a short timeframe.

Smart manufacturing

Our production process is flexible, scalable and intelligent. We know and understand all the stringent medical regulations inside out and are ISO 13485 and Ordinance 169 certified. This allows us to always act quickly and produce smartly. Whether it’s a prototype or serial production. For the European, as well as the American and Japanese markets.

Moving forward together

We are happy to share our extensive and specialist knowledge. Because we’re convinced that this will enable us to add more value to the healthcare sector. This is the only way we can together challenge the status quo of medical care.

Collaboration? We’d be delighted to discuss it with you

Meet our professionals

At Unitron, we work with more than 60 people at 2 locations in 4 buildings. From developers to production specialists and from engineers to process managers. We’d like to introduce a few of them:

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