Upscaling production Evone

Upscaling production of Evone respiratory equipment

Upscaling production Evone

Commissioned by Ventinova Medical from Eindhoven, the production of the Evone respirators at Unitron is scaled up considerably. The demand for respiratory equipment has increased enormously due to the corona crisis. Corona infected patients often depend on this equipment when they are in the intensive care.

Ventinova Medical recently received a substantial order from VWS for the delivery of Evone®, an innovative ventilator equipped with Ventinova’s patented FCV® technology. It is a certified product from the Netherlands. Unitron has been a permanent partner for the production of Evone for some time.

Switch in production
The upscaling that the order entails presents a challenge for all employees. In a few weeks, everything was set up and converted to give shape to the extra production. Additional, new employees are recruited and we now work in shifts.

Such an extension naturally also entails a financial challenge. Unitron has received a funding to pay for the expansion in capacity. In the short term, this was decisively arranged by Impuls and the Zeeland Participation Fund.

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