A heavyweight in measuring and control systems

We create various measurement and control systems. From analogue signal to digital processing.

In the more than 30 years that we have been in existence, we have built up an extensive knowledge of the measurement and amplification of electrophysiological signals. This allows us to create a wide variety of measurement and control systems. From analogue signal to digital measurement. In areas such as cardiology, neurology, patient monitoring, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and wearables.

A good example

We take care of the product development from A to Z. From a Proof of Concept to a clinically applicable medical device. Like the Intra Cardiac Analyzer: Inca. This is a modular system that uses catheterisation, volume and pressure to perform ventricular measurements. This allows the heart function to be determined in real time.

Unitron has found surprising solutions for the mechanical/electronic interaction separation of the modules. Because of their project-based approach, time constraints never come at the expense of craftsmanship.

CD Leycom

Working with Unitron

Unitron develops and produces high-quality life science devices. From design to serial production. For each product we make a tailor-made service package, depending on the wishes of our customer. Our focus is on innovation, quality and flexibility.

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