Extreme precision in optical equipment

We produce optical systems in our in-house cleanroom, developed with simulation techniques.

We have many years of experience in the development and production of optical systems. This requires a high degree of precision and requires nothing less than top quality. This is why we have special simulation techniques  for optical concept development and modelling. We also work with the required measuring equipment and assembly takes place in a dust-free ISO 7 or ISO 6 environment. And as part of our ISO 13485 production process, we have our own cleanroom. In this way, we can always meet the quality control requirements.

A great example

In close collaboration with our customer, Eaglet Eye, we developed the ESP. This device creates a 3D profile of the surface of the eye. Thanks to the optical knowledge of Eaglet Eye and our extensive production experience, we came up with a product of which we’re both proud.

We outsourced the production of the Eye Surface Profiler to Unitron. The tendering process was preceded by a careful selection procedure, in which we compared six parties. Unitron stood out from the crowd because of their sophisticated, scalable approach to production. This allowed us to scale up the production from a few pieces to several hundred in a cost-efficient way. This means that with Unitron, we have a partner with whom we can work together for many years to come. That's essential for the continuity of Eaglet Eye.

Eaglet Eye

Working with Unitron

Unitron develops and produces high-quality life science devices. From design to serial production. For each product we make a tailor-made service package, depending on the wishes of our customer. Our focus is on innovation, quality and flexibility.

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