Co(bot) – worker

Unitron embraces Co(bot) – worker

Co(bot) – worker

During implementation of a multi component polyurethane potting process, Unitron decided to merge the precision and other advantages of a cobot with the quality of work and valuable knowledge of our assembly experts.

A semi-automated polyurethane processing system with very high accuracy. Together with specialists Olmia Robotics and Meter Mix Benelux we’ve realised this project.

Olmia Robotics supplied

  • the cobot;
  • a support stand;
  • several sensors;
  • a custom glue kit;
  • cable guides;
  • and training of the cobot operators.

This cobot set was then implemented into the production process by Meter Mix Benelux.

Meter Mix Benelux supplied

  • the mixing & dosing system;
  • customized vacuum reservoirs.

The chemical aspect of this process enables a new feature for the production process of Unitron. Recommendations and help from our chemicals supplier Rotec was extremely valuable. We are now capable to process polyurethane resin with different applying techniques for EX applications, high-end industrial products and future life sciences applications. The new knowledge ensures process improvement in existing processes of Unitron such as solder, ultrasonic welding, (UV) bonding and the automated application of conformal coating.

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