Design transfer

Between design and production lies design transfer: transferring the product design to the production process.

We pay a lot of attention to this important step. This allows us to guarantee a smooth and stable production process.

We always introduce new products through a standardised process. An important part of this is design transfer. In other words, the transfer of the product design to validated production methods and procedures. This often challenging step lies between design and production, and always gets our full attention.

We base our approach on the proven and successful IQ, OQ and PQ systems. The result: a validated, flexible and stable production process. Of great value to us, our customers and indispensable for the validation file for notified bodies or the FDA.


Taking healthcare to a higher level

We create high-end life science devices. From design to end product, and from certification to serial production. We have been doing this for global players in the medical sector for more than 30 years. Together, we’re taking healthcare to the next level.

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