Product development

We develop feasible and innovative products, and ensure that they can successfully come to market.

Are you working on a life science idea that adds value to the healthcare industry? We’d be delighted to share our extensive knowledge and experience so that we can take your product to the next level. With a Proof of Concept, we look at whether realisation is feasible and, if necessary, where we can innovate and adapt it. The result: an innovative concept that is ready for the next stage.

Unitron has extensive experience in medical product development. Both in terms of innovation and regulation. Our quality systems are ISO 13485 and Ordinance 169 certified and we know and understand the medical regulations inside out. So, we know what to look out for and what a product has to comply with.

Our design team will take your product from concept to production. In doing so, we get the very best out of technology, costs and quality.


Taking healthcare to a higher level

We create high-end life science devices. From design to end product, and from certification to serial production. We have been doing this for global players in the medical sector for more than 30 years. Together, we’re taking healthcare to the next level.

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