Our production process is scalable and intelligent.

We work on the principle of maximum flexibility and minimal use of resources. Each year, we produce more than 250 different products, varying from one-off items to mass production articles.

Scalable, intelligent and the highest quality. That’s our production process in a nutshell. Each year, we produce more than 250 different medical devices for our partners. And whether it’s one-off items or mass production articles, only the best is good enough for us. Our production environment is equipped with the latest, most advanced machinery and we work with flexible workstations. This allows us to ensure great flexibility and high quality, as well as low stock levels and production costs.

In addition, all our work complies with the most stringent medical laws and regulations. Our quality system is ISO 13485 and Ordinance 169 certified, and FDA registered. We can also offer up-to-date expertise in complex production techniques and our production department works according to the requirements of IPC-A-610D Class 2. Both our quality and our research & development departments have all the necessary in-house knowledge to ensure ongoing compliance with the required regulations.

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Taking healthcare to a higher level

We create high-end life science devices. From design to end product, and from certification to serial production. We have been doing this for global players in the medical sector for more than 30 years. Together, we’re taking healthcare to the next level

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