Post-production, we can offer a comprehensive service.

Direct shipping, logistics, calibration, maintenance, repairs and more. For each product, we aim for the longest possible service life and the highest possible quality.

Is a product ready for the market? That’s when our comprehensive service really comes into its own. For example in the field of shipping, distribution, storage, calibration, maintenance and repairs. We always aim for the longest possible service life and the highest possible quality.

Distribution and storage
After production, we will set up a tailor-made logistics system. This enables us to guarantee a flexible and timely delivery of your product. We can store production runs in our warehouse in IJzendijke and send them directly to the end user on demand. We can also store and dispatch extra stock and specific components.

Maintenance and repairs
Any repairs that are not covered by the standard warranty will be dealt with by us. We will set up a personal RMA portal for this purpose, in which your products can be registered. From here you can report products and, if necessary, return them. Before you return a defective device, we’ll deliver a replacement if it’s required. We will set out all these agreements in an SLA; a service level agreement.

Quality control
We set high standards. For ourselves, and our products. Because only the best is good enough for our partners. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to the quality of the design and production. Using quality reports and continual improvement processes, we can always guarantee an optimal approach.

Lifecycle management
We support the entire life cycle of a product. We pay close attention to profitability and sustainable growth. We are constantly innovating and improving. By means of quality meetings and reports, for example. Does a new standard have to be applied, or has a component become obsolete? We’ll take the initiative and advise you about it.

Taking healthcare to a higher level

Unitron creates high-end life science devices. From design to end product, and from certification to serial production. We have been doing this for global players in the medical sector for more than 30 years. Together, we’re taking healthcare to the next level.

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